Thanksgiving for Picky Eaters

Thanksgiving can be a fun time for family get-togethers.  However, sometimes life can be challenging when trying to prepare a meal plan for your picky eater.

Here are some tips to improve your chances that your child will have a good meal experience:

Engage your child in meal planning.  Some pointed questions like, “what veggie would you like with your dinner?” “What do you think about a fruit with your meal?” “What do you think about eating turkey for dinner?” can empower them to help us with the menu, especially if we look up together some recipes.  Then, they are more likely to look forward to the event and eat a balanced meal.  Here are some samples of food groups from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Use food bridges or like foods to expand their repertoire of healthy foods. For Example, if he likes mashed potatoes, try sweet potatoes.

Choose at least one food you know your child will like.  In that way, she is guaranteed to eat something nutritious at meal time.

Make it look, smell, and taste delicious. What do you think about becoming an artist for thanksgiving?  Enhance the look and smell of a dish with special ingredients (for example cinnamon on cooked apples or nutmeg on peaches.

Keep the mealtime relaxing and enjoyable.  After all, this is time for family and friends to come together, feel thankful and enjoy each other’s company.

To learn more about fussy eaters, follow this link:


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