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With two young children and a loving wife, the stakes were high when John J. Spitzer found out his testicular cancer had returned after thirteen years.

The relapse forced him to confront his mortality—and a second relapse drove the point home. The setbacks also gave him a great opportunity to become one with God.

In this book, Spitzer looks back at how it took over twenty years of life experiences to realize that he had to feel God in his heart again—and not just think of God. He had to feel Jesus and His teachings if he wanted to be like Him.

While he started this book wanting to pass something on to his children if he died, he continued it after realizing he’d live. In it, he describes his spiritual development, what it was like to confront death, and how his relationship with God has grown deeper over time.

Join the author on a journey of self-discovery that highlights God’s unconditional love and peace—and how to find God again and again.
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